* * * * There has been yet ANOTHER CHANGE TO THE COURT CLOSURE DATES * * * * All 3 courts will now be out of action FROM MONDAY 18th SEPT THROUGH TO AND INCLUDING FRIDAY 22nd SEPT. These dates may have to change if the weather conditions are not suitable during that period. . . . . Make a date in your diary for our SENIOR'S FINALS DAY on Sunday 17th Sept. Please contact Jan Turner if you can help with being a Lines-person or Umpire.
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Bonus Ball Winners

bb Check out who’s won this month’s Bonus Ball prize money.

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How to book a court

icon-100-court Easy to use guide shows you step-by-step how to use the calendar on the ‘What’s on’ page to book a court . . .

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My Life in Tennis by

anns3 We are pleased to say that Ann Smith has written the latest article for this feature

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